Finding The Best WoW Guild For You

A guide that aims to get you in the most appropriate guild. Rate, comment, and subscribe!

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5 Responses to “Finding The Best WoW Guild For You”

  1. xdisfiguredx says:

    where the porno at?

  2. WoundarBloodcleave says:

    bro …. you got some jizz on your shirt …

  3. heheitsjohnE says:

    Its “toothpaste”

  4. virallock says:

    keeps the vids coming love hearing your views on stuff love your LFR water slide idea only problem would be pug raids thinking there was a water slide lol

  5. 0ld50u1 says:

    Hit up some heroics, lfr or whatever and get yourself some good gear. After you’ve done that look around on WoW related forums for recruiting posts and see what you can find. With no previous experience you won’t be able to get into some top tier raiding guild but you should still be able to find a serious raiding guild if that’s what you’re looking for.

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