Forge Gameplay: Shaman Support

I got this game last night with my friends, it’s a 10v10 (maximum) full on PvP game. It can be compared to World of Warcraft PvP as it looks fairly similar. I play Shaman, 1 of 5 classes who is a full on support thanks to his different heals and buffs. -tags- tips tricks cheats hacks lawoggamer forge gameplay forge game pvp worldofwarcraftpvp lets play guide walkthrough commentary dota dota2 lol guildwars guildwars2 forge preview tutorials help

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One Response to “Forge Gameplay: Shaman Support”

  1. Alendo86 says:

    What’s up with the guy that complains about the tutorial but wont leave it to join his friends? Seems to get more and more depressed when he just has to leave…

    Either way good looking game, shammy is what i was wanting to do as well. Helped convince me to get it!

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