Grand Empress Shek’zeer 10man HC Heroic Fury Warrior PoV

«Psihijatrija» Kazzak EU vs Grand Empress Shek’zeer 10man Heroic, our first kill.Grand Empress Shek’zeer is final encounter in Heart of Fear raid which was introduced in World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria 5.0.5. At the very start of progression, I found this boss to be extremely boring from melee point of view, probably due to fact that we were wiping a lot in first phase which is like dummy dps session. Further we went into fight, it became better. Couple tips for warriors: follow offtank in transitions to get Poison Fumes buff (and by doing that you’ll give other tank enough time to get proper aggro on all small adds); dance to Zerg stance before each and every explosion. In later phases, make sure that you refresh Poison Fumes buff if it expire. — Raid comp: 2 tanks 4 healers 4 dps — Interested into recruitment? Log: Music: Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Megamix) NOTE: This video is mix of our kill and try that we had before kill (transition from clip to clip is during first trapped add nuke phase)

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    Skoro ko ja!

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    isuse kak sam pro

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    Gz bando, ajmo dalje :)!

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