Heroic Ultraxion World of Warcraft DS Rogue Dps 5.0.4 new patch Assassination

I’m not a pro at this spec, so any tips are appreciated. Once I get the hang of things I’ll have some more video’s out for sure. If you can please take a second to leave a comment, like, and subscribe so your automatically notified about new video uploads, I’d greatly appreciate it. Subscribe to my channel: Follow me on the Live Stream at Extra Tags Extra Tags] IGNORE yor’sahj the unsleeping yor sahj 10 man heroic guide strategy kill World Warcraft 10man Cataclysm Heroic Ultraxion Morchok Dragon Soul Achievements Madness Deathwing Rogue Legendary combat spec assassination 5.0.4 new patch sub Daggers Vengeance Fear Server First patch live 4.3 Zangarmarsh Horde Hour of Twilight Thrall Wyrmrest Temple eye eternity Hagara the stormbinder Raid Finder LFR Warlord Zon’ozz Yor’sahj Unsleeping Spine US REALM FIRST raiding games game video Tank Spot gameplay Guide How to epic boss fight Final hobbs learn raid Leeroy Jenkins Greatest freak out ever Guild Wars skyrim 1-85 Leveling Guide Athene Swifty Fat Head perfect Hauppauge HD PVR sickest dazzle quality hd pvr render setting tutorial how to get beast quality sickest editing ever montage machinima glitch speed hack free challenge lobby tvixtor sony vegas pro as players Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. New cooperative SpecOps mode, the perfect addictive replayability of its multiplayer Special Ops Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag Dazzle DVC 100 best Quality Settings with Studio 11 and Sony Vegas Pro …

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11 Responses to “Heroic Ultraxion World of Warcraft DS Rogue Dps 5.0.4 new patch Assassination”

  1. kbrebel04 says:

    Hey! nice video. I have a few tips for ya :)

    I had to watch in low resolution so i was unable to see your opener. But here is the optimal one:

    Open with Garrote, 1pt Slice and Dice, mutilate, 2-3 point rupture, 3-5 point envenom to get SnD to full duration then a 5 point rupture. the purpose of the non 5 point finishers is to make sure you have key buffs rolling out of the gate, not so much for damage as within 10 seconds that will be applied.

  2. neotrax says:

    Very interesting to see how those poisons flow! what are your feelings about rogue in its current state? and what do you think how the scaling will work out in 90?

  3. kbrebel04 says:

    -Pool your energy before using envenom, this allows you to get more mutilates in with the envenom buff.

    keep a eye on your Shadows of the Destroyer and try to line up Vendetta with it. if you feel it can pop within 10 seconds of the duration of vendetta use it. With good timing you should be able to line these up no problem, but do not leave vendetta off CD for longer than 10 seconds IF it can be used effectively.

    vanish+ ambush, prep, vanish+ ambush. not on ultrax obviously. but yea 😛

  4. xPandaSTaRx94 says:

    n1 dps and cool music 😀 keep it up!

  5. warcraftcallofduty says:

    I was doing 60k on Yorshaj so maybe I can get out a little more 😛

  6. kbrebel04 says:

    I use TellMeWhen. it basically can make a button that looks like the actual buff/debuff and puts a timer in it. I also use NugComboBars for my CPs. other than that its really just about tracking SnD and Rupture. Assassination is absolutely lovely with legendary daggers…

    I will post a video later today of my UI etc in action on LFR (my real raids are on the weekend) showing how i track stuff.

  7. 13MrChIkO805 says:

    35% phase !

  8. kbrebel04 says:

    To clarify my opener more. If it is a target that u cannot get behind garrote into a SND mutilate to 4-5 cp and envenom then a 4pt rupture.

    If u can get behind: subterfuge ambushx2 then rupture, mutilate then SnD

  9. warcraftcallofduty says:

    Man I love the rogue right now I feel like Rogues and Locks are on top by far

  10. warcraftcallofduty says:

    Right on thanks

  11. warcraftcallofduty says:

    know any addon’s that keep track of that been so long since I did this spec

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