Holy Avenger VS Divine Purpose – Retribution Paladin PvP Guide Patch 5.1 – MoP WoW PvP

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5 Responses to “Holy Avenger VS Divine Purpose – Retribution Paladin PvP Guide Patch 5.1 – MoP WoW PvP”

  1. shadowhealo says:

    Plz answer! How do you make your ui that big 😉 Love yourvidz 😉

  2. Maphack1337 says:

    I know. I did respec ret ocassionally just because I loved the spec since Classic. I know that burst is the current fotm playstyle but I don’t really think it is “healthy”. Longer, control-based games decided on CC chains and forcing of cooldowns would be a better way for competitive PvP to grow.

  3. TheLordFeline says:

    Eeeeh, I guess I’ll give Divine Purpose another shot, but I’m just really unlucky with procs. Holy Avenger is just such a massive increase to the damage output when combined with wings, 50%, in fact, with a tv hitting roughly 30-40k critting 60-80k roughly every second or so. And while I see how Divine Purpose is good in the way that you COULD get a string of procs that force defensives or a trinket, and how that works well in 3s simply because slamming a 1shot tends not to work that well, I se

  4. jdpssj4 says:

    Ret has been through a lot over the years, but i can argue that RNG is not healthy easier. back in Bc hoping SOC would proc was sad, then in wotlk hoping stuff would proc and when i played a little in Cata it was the same way. but Burst is this game is silly now and nothing like in BC when you actually had to time ur burst and CD now its im bursting…oh wait hes dead gg.

  5. jdpssj4 says:

    soc and soj was rng. Then in Wotlk and cata the rng got worse a lot of us old schools rets stay away from rng talents.

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