How i Made 100k Gold in World of Warcraft 5.1.0

Gold Guide : My Character Page

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5 Responses to “How i Made 100k Gold in World of Warcraft 5.1.0”

  1. Nathan Smith says:

    Nice video man!!!!

  2. thnick123 says:

    the money and time i spent on the game is whorth it because i have alot of fun playing the game got some friends that are playing too so there is always someone to talk too and i don’t worry about the money that will come one day to me and i have the paticend to wait for it

  3. minigician says:

    i liked the ebook, still can’t believe the secrets haven’t been posted anywhere on the net! hehe secrets to me >:)!

  4. thnick123 says:

    dude i am not give my real money out so i can make money on a game

  5. Xizmotic says:

    That’s fine, im just expressining how i discovered how to make Huge amount’s of gold..while you just spend money on the game and get nothing in return from it.

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