How to be special in WoW

I asked you guys on Facebook, and you wanted a comedy! I did my best and this is what came out of it, even a true story! I hope you like it and if not, feel free to be a retard and flame me ^^ ! It’s about a guy called Dum Gai, he doesn’t know what to do in World of warcraft, so he asks for help. Faxi give him the great idea to get something else noone else have, a Spectral Tiger Mount! He also shows how Dum Gai can get the mount in just a week, with his super (Outdated) gold guide. Have a laugh and Cheers from Faxi / FaxiDerp! ** Music used with personal permission ** Thanks to Glueball Records. Tuen – Spare (Keosni *K-391* Remix)

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5 Responses to “How to be special in WoW”

  1. xxDexeronxx says:

    Nice Vid
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Jordsy95 says:

    Thank you so much man, Was killing me! :3 <3!

  3. NewZealand89 says:

    Ofc he’s danish you can hear it on his danish accent. The accent is strong in this one!

  4. datpojk says:

    Omnitica – H.E.V Kevlar your welcome

  5. Jordsy95 says:

    Song at the end? what is it? i want it naow!! great video, was funny man!

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