How To: Blade Lord Ta’yak – Heart of Fear Guide – 10 Man

Hi! My name is Kiye and welcome to SO MUCH WIND and charts. Hopefully you enjoy my explanation for our kill of Blade Lord Ta’yak. Located in the Heart of Fear, Ta’yak is the second boss. Our Group was made up of Tanks: Blood DK, Prot Pally. Healers: Holy Pally, Disc Priest, Resto Shaman. Deeps: BM Hunter (thats me!), Enh Shaman, Fire Mage X2, Balance Druid I also have a full, uncut video of the fight with no narration on my channel, if that’s more your style. Subcribe if you enjoy my World of Warcraft Videos wow mmo “world of warcraft” mop “mists of pandaria” raid strategy guide “how to” how-to help commentary “voice over” 10-man “10 man” ” 5.0 “Normal” “Blade Lord Ta’yak” “Heart of Fear”

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