How To Make Gold in WoW MOP // 5500g per Hour no profession with Commentary

Join our free WoW gold Newsletter @: How To Make Gold in WoW without the use of professions is an idea i’ve been wrestling with a few weeks now. There’s a large group of players believe it or not who hate profession farming and would rather spend their time bashing in NPC skulls. If your one of those players this “how to make gold in WoW MOP guide is just for you. As a result of trying to help those players out, and having developed/reviewed a couple of strategies that worked for me, I decided making a How to video was the best way of getting our ideas out. So Lo and Behold. I’m Gamebox your commentator here form the Freewowresource team and what im showing you guys today is a “How to” guide to make 5000g + an hour in WoW MOP with absolutely no professions. The purpose of this guide was to give players who prefer an alternative and fun way to make gold outside the traditional ore farming and herb gathering methods. Is it still a form of grinding? YES! Is it alot FUNNER than material farming? HELL YES. Is it one of the best methods of making 5000g an hour in wow MOP without using professions? Ill leave that one for you guys to decide. In the meantime we’ll be brainstorming ideas with concepts similar to this video. If you have a suggestion: Write a comment and our team will whip up a video for you if we like it enough. Cheers! and enjoy. Tags. Because tags are beast in youtube! “How to make gold in wow”, “Make gold in MOP’, “Make gold in wow”, “MOP …

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3 Responses to “How To Make Gold in WoW MOP // 5500g per Hour no profession with Commentary”

  1. NYgamebox says:

    Thank you. Appreciated!

  2. Flyhr says:

    Nice video, I guess I’ll sub.

  3. Werrdplay says:

    Funny man. good stuff this spot still works i c. make one about he frost weave farm in ice crown

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