Lets Balance PVP from the core! – World of Warcraft: Patch 5.1

Be sure to spread the word on this! The more people that do the survey, the better. Developers don’t want to listen to the community, and it’s understandable, because they listened to us and look how cata ended up, so we need to gain their trust back, but we need to show them who are the people that will give the right feedback, and I believe is us in youtube that actually care about this game and its future. }*!*{ TWITTER }*!*{ —— twitter.com }*!*{ FACEBOOK }*!*{ – }*!*{ ADDONS }*!*{ —— Survey link: freeonlinesurveys.com Reinhart’s Vid

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5 Responses to “Lets Balance PVP from the core! – World of Warcraft: Patch 5.1”

  1. fezinatorgaming says:

    thats how I’d design my own game. Even tho I do not agree that their primary motivation is money, but they do care more about their bigger side of community and to me that’s understandable.

  2. fezinatorgaming says:

    thanks man!

  3. Joey Prestia says:

    Great stuff bro. I’ll let people know.

  4. NaturalProgressGames says:

    For sure, I’m looking forward to blizzards next big MMO. (the titan project) It’s got the original WoW devs behind it. xD Should be amazing when they finally hit the lvl 100 cap on WoW.

  5. NaturalProgressGames says:

    2/2 What they should be doing is Balancing around PvP, then creating PvE content around those balances. Instead of making PvE content and then tweaking PvP. So in a sense they’re doing things backwards. But the primary motivation for blizzard seems to be money… That being said. The game is currently being played mostly be PvE’ers (i think 13% of all WoW players set foot in arenas) So they’re catering to the 87% that don’t PvP. Things will only get better when new PvE content is released. :(

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