Let’s Play World of Warcraft – Part 167 – For The Horde?

Part 167 of my ‘Let’s Play’ gameplay and commentary in the MMO, World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment. In this episode we join our character ‘Seràphis’ the Pandaren Monk, as we get send back to the Temple of Five Dawns to meet Elder Shaopai. He sends us to a new area named Pei-Wu Forest with Aysa, Ji and Jojo, where we meet up with a Horde group who have recently escaped from a nearby crashed Alliance Airship. Out first task helping them out is to gather Bamboo Stalks for fashioning into weapons, and to clear the area of Pei-Wu Tigers so that other survivors can make it to the camp.. Part 166: Part 168: Coming Free Starter Edition: us.battle.net All content © Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

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5 Responses to “Let’s Play World of Warcraft – Part 167 – For The Horde?”

  1. Reshariax says:

    Loved the Wow episode Sambo =)

  2. MegaBrickz says:

    How do you find the time to play each mmo?

  3. windwalker542 says:

    Just subbed for wow content nice to see you regularly post wow lets plays

  4. PrinceSephiroth says:

    Awesome episode as always, Sambo! I just have three gripes, though…

    1. I don’t really hate the horde. In fact, since the BElfs are horde, it’s actually my faction of choice. But the thought of you inadvertently helping Garrosh by helping his men makes me sick.

    2. Tigers and pandas are my most favorite animals in the whole world. The thought of pandas and tigers killing each other makes me sad. :(

    3. “Makael” Bay? Please, kill him. Give Azeroth the blessing Earth has been denied.

  5. MinecraftMeme2000 says:

    Hello Sambo! I really like your videos, Especially your World of Warcraft videos, If I may have a shoutout for both me and my friends WoW characters, My character is called “Tribaleyes”, He is a level 90 Blood Elf Death Knight of the realm Vek’Nilash, My Friend is called “Hambo” and he is a level 80 Dwarf Hunter of the realm Spinebreaker Thank you for uploading videos, Keep it up!

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