Monk PvP: God Comp…sigh…(Windwalker/Shadow/RestoSham) (WoW PvP Gameplay/Commentary)

In this video we were playing against “God Comp” which consists of a Frost Mage, Shadow Priest, and Resto Druid. We were playing Windwalker Monk, Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman. Was a pretty hard fought game and I figured you guys would enjoy it. More commentaries soon! Check out my Live Streams Here: Support me and my new sponsor!! Twitter: Want to help the channel grow? Help me out and click “Like” and share with friends/guildies! Be sure to pin my channel on your Homepage if you don’t want to miss a video! Facebook Page:

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5 Responses to “Monk PvP: God Comp…sigh…(Windwalker/Shadow/RestoSham) (WoW PvP Gameplay/Commentary)”

  1. LTGTabby1 says:

    The giggles I get from watching this guy TRYING, to play monk, Is unbeatable.

  2. Jayson Rivera-Ramos says:


  3. BSGentertainment says:

    Nice man Zybak!

  4. Queenslych says:

    Paralysis! what’s wrong with people.

  5. LyarkTV says:

    Faction changed?

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