MoP Demonology PvP #4 | WoW Commentary

Eye of the storms Demonology action. 2 year anniversary project. Twitter: Facebook: Remember to comment, rate and subcribe!

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5 Responses to “MoP Demonology PvP #4 | WoW Commentary”

  1. Anterlt says:

    I subbed because of Athene. I’m not going to unsub and I’m quite active on your and other channels. Anyways, great video!

  2. Emiami12 says:

    if your Goal was 700 subs GZ 😉 those peole who unsub you cause they didnt Won that Athene’s giveaway :/ They just dont know what they are missing 😉

  3. CataclysmExplore says:

    Haha thanks man 😀 Puts a smile on my face

  4. sleepiman says:

    they unsub because they dont win? lol thats why they dont win then
    when he tells me to sub to someone and i like their content, i sub, and stay subbed

  5. Jonny Mac says:

    sick vid

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