Mop patch 5.1 – Retri Paladin vs ONESHOT Mage – IMPOSSIBRU!

Retri vs 2900rated warr: Retri vs 2600rated DK: Retri Paladin VS Fire Mage. Sounds like an impossible task right? Well, it is! It’s really hard to do, but vs a mage, try to counter his evocation at all cost, he get health and extra damage upon completing the cast! Hope you enjoy these insane duels!:) Subscribe to stay tuned for the next class in the dueling series in World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria! Cheers Faxi / FaxiDerp ** I am a current partner of Curse. I have full rights to monetize the gameplay content in this video ** Songs used with PERSONAL PERMISSION: Thanks to Glueball Records: jFET – 2d ————————– Blarsa – Tonight Blarsa – Garden Party

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5 Responses to “Mop patch 5.1 – Retri Paladin vs ONESHOT Mage – IMPOSSIBRU!”

  1. akseli224 says:

    Why didn’t you use divine protection?

  2. TheZpikEy says:

    haha that cocain track ^^ one more great video =)

  3. grandenius1337 says:

    Rofl, mage got to be the most faceroll class atm.. or shadow priest

  4. Deceptore says:

    He dueled a 2900 rated warrior already watch that. Link under video.

  5. KinimaroTheRanger says:

    Good video man!
    -fellow Ret paladin

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