Mostly RNG – Episode 1 (World of Warcraft 5.1 Rogue PVP)

Mostly RNG is my new montage series I’m going to be releasing whenever I have enough footage. The average video length will be around 5-6 minutes, but this one is about half of that just to see if you guys are interested. If you are, make to sure let me know! Otherwise this series might get scrapped! • Crazy Links and Stuff My Armory – My Facebook – My LiveStream: Epic Music – Epic Art – • Snazzy Info and Stuff If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends! Currently the only way I’m getting views is by the awesomeness of my wonderful viewers introducing their buddehs to my channel. I upload lots of WoW montages, commentaries, guides, and other random stuff. So yeah, subscribe! Leave a comment and a like in order to have your name featured at the end of my next video!

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5 Responses to “Mostly RNG – Episode 1 (World of Warcraft 5.1 Rogue PVP)”

  1. Undergroundmoron says:

    Cool as hell! (as it always is)
    Cheers from sweden mate

  2. Caleb Burch says:

    <3 he featured my comment

  3. vitvits says:

    Duuude how do u make thoose awsum color glitch things looks incredible! subbed! 😀

  4. critzy critzyy says:

    great vid hope u will get some more subs

  5. Op Gnu says:

    2.08 :) 

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