Patch 5.0.4 Frost Death Knight Guide (World of Warcraft)

In this video we take a look at the talent changes to Frost Death knights with patch 5.0.4 for world of warcraft and talk about talent choices, rotations and glyphs. Social media: Twitter – @controlf4 Pinterest – Website – – Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe if you found this helpful!

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17 Responses to “Patch 5.0.4 Frost Death Knight Guide (World of Warcraft)”

  1. viksholm00 says:


  2. 11Karoe says:


  3. DeathNutWalkthroughs says:

    25k, Indeed

  4. 11Karoe says:

    I might make a separate video on that but its Strength>7.5% Hit=7.5% expertise>Haste>Crit>mastery as a priority reforge to the hit and expertise caps and then the lowest stat to haste or crit depending what secondary stats the item has.

  5. DeathNutWalkthroughs says:

    Thanks, I get 19-20k dps now instead of 9k

  6. hkidd5 says:

    YES! :D

  7. Mattehbror says:

    great video man!

  8. ferm94 says:

    i never got any annotations showing the first time i opened this videos :S

  9. ferm94 says:

    wow how did i miss that lol

  10. DeathNutWalkthroughs says:

    lol there’s an annotation aswell

  11. ferm94 says:

    what is the dk rotation?

  12. 11Karoe says:

    Getting shit done

  13. 11Karoe says:

    That’s for 2handed btw

  14. TheDman11111 says:


  15. Neptoh says:

    What about reforging?

  16. DeathNutWalkthroughs says:

    10:40 :)

  17. 11Karoe says:


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