Patch 5.0.4: Holy Paladin Glyphs! Sacred’s Choices (World of Warcraft PvP & Gameplay)

Thumbs up to show support! TALENTS: 5.0.4 is on Tuesday!! Today I’m talking about what glyphs think I’ll be choosing when the patch is launched. Of course though, I’ll be trying out everything. Add me on Facebook! MUSIC USED: Trance and House – Chords Of Life By K-391 Electro House 2012 — Both by Permission to use was given. For More WoW Arena Videos:

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20 Responses to “Patch 5.0.4: Holy Paladin Glyphs! Sacred’s Choices (World of Warcraft PvP & Gameplay)”

  1. teronnie says:

    if u fear a lock pet behind a pillar u can free cast though :d

  2. l337pally says:

    I cant wait to see more vids about MoP even tho i have the ptr im not on it much… So im rlly curious 😀

  3. MadJackxD says:

    where do you get the glyphs now ? the npc that had them is not anywhere to be seen Y_Y

  4. ghjtommy says:

    Need REAL content.

  5. Michael13418 says:

    Holy pallys have shirt glyphs

  6. 7HESILENT says:

    who saw him get 2 40k crits with holy shock…………soo going back holy now

  7. Michael13418 says:


  8. GooshtGaming says:

    <3 sacredheals

  9. Whoopsy11 says:

    Sacredheals …. I’m just wondering if you have an good macro for Turn evil on dk’s + pets ? My macro’s are failing :s …. i dnt like mouse overs

  10. EamaneEarane says:

    I play a disc priest, and I’m not happy about getting these spells transferred into glyphs…! I don’t want to have to make do with only three of them. That sucks!

  11. SiThG0D says:

    ive been away from wow for some time, but what is that mount your on? on your pally? its pretty sweet : )

  12. Hairofthewolf says:

    Hi Sacredheals :D

  13. se73ne11even says:

    Any chance you could do or incorporate into your next video about macro’s, your recommended addons and the layout of your UI. Also how do you move your char in game? All keyboard or you use mouse at all? Always wondered how you get of your movement when your pillar hugging etc. Thanks in advance and please cover these points in your next video, hopefully pick something new up to advance pally pewpew skillz =] Thanks again !!!

  14. Havagin says:

    10:04 I thought Slenderman was in my house O_O

  15. xboxplayer42098 says:

    What’s better, healing wise, disc priest or hpally

  16. MrJonas336 says:

    1:58.-You’re welcome:)

  17. se73ne11even says:

    Yet another great video, keep the pre mop videos coming, really helping me plan my paladin a lot for pvp. Keep up the great work Sacred =]

  18. MrBatmansmells says:

    Sacred, can´t you do a video about all the classes in MoP?
    Like the best burst class, the most fun one, the most mobile one and so on.
    Please? 😀 Nice video, I am glad that you are finally back from your break 😀

  19. askatan says:

    @sacredheals: are you interested in guild wars 2, by any chance? I know about your experience with SWTOR…. it tanked after a few weeks… this game wont tank…

    and you can play a full support, despite a million pieces of misinformation about how classes work in gw2.
    just spec for it. it’s not about healing per se, but you can spec for full support with almost any class. (giving out boons, healing, conditions, snaring, stunning, disabling, blinding, blocking, or knocking down enemies)

  20. kardy3 says:

    hey guys can u pass by my channel and tell me where to improve ? =)
    I would be appreciated !
    For all the haters i got a video of a ashes dropping =D

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