Patch 5.1 Brewmaster monk Tanking guide Interactive menu

Finally it is here most of it anyway…. Demo will be up Soon™…… Links Below if you are on a phone or tablet.. I planned ahead 😀 I hope this helps you all become better in some way! Enjoy stats: glyphs: talents: Rotation and Demo: Coming Soon™ Music Provided By Moleman: Please go support him he is Awesome!! Track: Forgotten Past

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5 Responses to “Patch 5.1 Brewmaster monk Tanking guide Interactive menu”

  1. evilakurei says:

    haha Thank You!

  2. DeViOuSdB1 says:

    Interactive menus suck on the YouTube app. They don’t work :-(

  3. ESPirits87 says:

    What have you done to the mic?, sounds so much better now 😛

  4. evilakurei says:

    I unhooked some of the garbage on my comp and sacrificed 4 kittens and a turtle to the youtube audio gods…. It isn’t great but I found my issue while making this series.. So I should never explode your eardrums again haha

  5. evilakurei says:

    I added links in the description for you guys on phones and tablets 😀 I feel your pain

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