Patch 5.1 Release! Summary and guide here.

SORRY! My upload schedule was fouled by the demon of technical catastrophes! So.. sorry for the late upload but HERE is Wednesdays video! Hope you can forgive my tardiness. ^_- WoW MoP Patch 5.1 “Landfall” Notes Wowheads Guide to Patch 5.1 “Landfall” WoW Event Time Changes Nov. 27th Hotfixes

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5 Responses to “Patch 5.1 Release! Summary and guide here.”

  1. Risedemise1 says:

    They nerfed my arms warrior so much /3

  2. huenex lightbringer says:

    You can upgrade your pvp gear too! blue pvp takes honor and purple pvp takes conquest

  3. jojopo80 says:

    I was half expecting her to say big fat dick after the fight club reference

  4. blackkats100 says:

    is wow worth $20 a month is seems pretty sweet

  5. itsDoubleAA10 says:

    I also thought that the Fight Club style Brawler’s Guild sounded cool.

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