Pureballin and Seeko 2vs2

Subscribe for Daily gaming content. Liking and Commenting is greatly appreciated. Here is some chilled yet funny 2vs2 games of me and Seeko, there is Derp moments, Fail moments, DC’s just a typical night of 2vs2 :) Enjoy! Follow Me: twitter.com Music Credits: MitiS: MitiS – Life Of Sin –

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5 Responses to “Pureballin and Seeko 2vs2”

  1. FeatherChannel says:

    this happens when you d/c in mop. Hitting them will usually stop it and kick them completely out of the game
    old glitch since beta

  2. JakubKomar says:

    Awesome editing…clean and simple, thats best

  3. VerticalCZgaming says:

    That Derp moment 😀

  4. Gorin11 says:

    Great games…btw what addon do you use to change your fonts?

  5. TheBarkyTV says:

    Man that sucks, good video though and hope you get your shit back :)

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