Regression Podcast Ep 6 12/2/2012

A weekly podcast about the lawls and woes of high-end raiding in the World of Warcraft. Like, Subscribe and Comment! We would love topic suggestions and any feedback. Tell us what you want to see/hear. This Week: We’re back after a too long break for Thanksgiving. We discuss valor upgrades and Heroic Blade Lord progression. Audio Only Podcast:

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5 Responses to “Regression Podcast Ep 6 12/2/2012”

  1. Mike Mammano says:

    lol nobody else caught him saying the date is december 12 2002

  2. Jame Llajdgh says:

    Well screw that other feedback, you should keep them long.

  3. Regressioncast says:

    Maybe somewhere in the middle =]

  4. Regressioncast says:

    I noticed, way too late haha

  5. Maxwell Burke says:

    idk, the “perfect time” (in my opinion) for podcasts is around 1 hour. Also, please update your iTunes feed! I love listening to wow podcasts as I do my morning run and errands. However, currently, I need to open the Youtube app and load the video as I’m on the move. Much more convenient to just download the podcast in the morning from itunes! Super thanks, and great job thus far!!

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