Shadow priest guide PVP 5.0.4 part 1. Talents

Hey, whats up gaiz… I tought the new patch came out and I wanted to show you guys my toughts of it and my talents.. On the moment I’m working on a montage called “Sylvin 1” it will take sometime so yeah…. But I will also release some little video’s and some shadow priest arena gameplay and maybe some world pvp if you guys want to! I also want to credit : RavenProDesign For the amazing intro! Thank you for watching guys, Syl out! Ignore the tags. Sylvin-SylvinGamez-Shadow-Priest-Shadow priest- Shadow priest game-Guide-5.0.4-Spriest-PvP-Shadow priest pvp-shadow priest pvp-shadow priest 5.0.4- patch 5.0.4- talents guide- shadow priest guide- mama mia – lol wtf was that tag- wow inside guide- RavenProDesign- Video game

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    so you in dara?

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