Stream Success, BWC Update, Raid Progress, Pilgrims Bounty

FIRST NOTE! So, I forgot Pilgrims Bounty isn’t part of “What a Long Strange Trip”… So scratch the Proto Drake thing.. OOPS! Ty for correcting me. =D Thanks for all your subs and comments!! Check out BWC, and have fun with Pilgrims Bounty! Promised Links: BWC Stream BWC Survival Guide! (Clickable links for already occurred events) BWC Info Links WoW Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide

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5 Responses to “Stream Success, BWC Update, Raid Progress, Pilgrims Bounty”

  1. PressFartToContinue1 says:

    Well we’re the pioneers. We’ll be VIPS when that happens. I don’t know what that means but it’ll be kickass.

  2. timbarnes28 says:

    I PROTEST i want them to bring back the tabard of arathi. !!! the green skull was awesome

  3. Gkublok Juárez says:

    Ye, though I wish for her stream to get bigger because it was quite entertaining, there is still a charm that only low pop stream have, you get to interact a lot more with the streamer and with the other people watching it.

  4. timbarnes28 says:

    wow, nice name there following her cousin dodger

  5. PressFartToContinue1 says:

    =D. I could be a jerk and flag for spam, but I wont because Im not Lord Hitler Fart. Haha. Hopefully we’ll have many more adventures in stream!!

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