Sublimity vs. Heroic Elegon 10 man

World of Warcraft guild Sublimity on Kael’thas – Server first kill of Heroic Elegon, the Fifth boss in the Mogu’shan Vaults. Group make up: Tank: Druid and Deathknight Healers: Shaman and Holy Priest DPS: Feral Druid – Affliction Warlock – Elemental Shaman – Fire Mage – Monk – and Fury Warrior Tracklist- Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character Selection Screen song Ride of the Valkyries (Remix) by Maksim Mrvica Fly Through the Night by Mr. T Spiral Galaxy by LED Style Spreading Particle Beam Mix

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2 Responses to “Sublimity vs. Heroic Elegon 10 man”

  1. Xoutcojjx says:

    Pandella smells. =p

  2. ReaperEOD says:

    Holy cow that was epic, clean kill. =)

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