Update – COME PLAY BLACK OPS 2 W/ ME :D – Steam, Sickness, and Hiatus

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5 Responses to “Update – COME PLAY BLACK OPS 2 W/ ME :D – Steam, Sickness, and Hiatus”

  1. capnwrink2992 says:

    I love you

  2. tczendk says:

    Sick or well, this man has the most super crispy sexy voice!.. Ever! why is it you’re not a Radio Host of some sort by now?

  3. kingbonkersgaming says:

    do you watch philip de franko because he is the only guy i know who calls vlogs vlogitty

  4. JDMJNKEE says:

    Feel better soon Kaj.
    You get subs still because your good at what you do.

  5. Phymatic says:

    Awh man I wanna play Blops2 with you but my ping will be shitty so I’ll be worse than I already am. >..<

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