Update Video 2 [Getting BETTER! WOOO + New FB]

Last update video until a new WoW Montage, Commentary, or Guide. Just waiting on my voice to get back to normal! Thanks all! New Facebook: Like it, go go go!

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5 Responses to “Update Video 2 [Getting BETTER! WOOO + New FB]”

  1. Palodious says:

    You should set up your FB page so people can sub to you on that as well. That way when you post things there people can see it. : P I’m pretty new to the whole youtube thing, but hey keep up the good work bruh! Oh check out my new vid and let me know what you think, need some legit feed back on it bc my guildies and friends just say it’s good and that they like it lol… >.<

  2. sleepiman says:

    i guess i will have to pay another visit to your sickness and kick his ass, i mean chat with him until he leaves you alone
    i guess he didnt completely learn his lesson from our last “chat”

  3. ThePallyWithDownz says:


  4. WorldofZenon says:

    yeah, got a montage coming in the next few days. 😛

  5. KrohunGaming says:

    you should try content without your voice just so you have stuff on your channel 😀

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