Windwalker Monk Guide – PvE Talents

Windwalker is the name of the new spec, in the new class, for the monk class in World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria. This melee DPS monk uses his hands to beat dat’ass. In order to aid the Windwalker in his journey for dat’ass you must arm yourself with numerous talents. This Windwalker Monk Talent Guide will show you what you need to have before you start to slay digital monsters. Windwalker Monk Guide – PvE Talents – Windwalker Monk Guide – PvE Glyphs – DPS Monk Guides are fun. Etc. The key to using Windwalker Talents is to play the class as much as you can and get a feel for what talents make sense. This will give you a further understanding into the monk talent guide as well as making everything mean something than me just shouting random words at you.

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  1. alketire says:

    phunky! I like it! Now make a rotation/priority guide

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