Windwalker Monk Healer Swaps are Crazy! – Commentary Version (WoW 3v3 Arena PvP Gameplay/Commentary)

Showing off the power of swapping to healers as a Windwalker Monk. We’ve got a lot of great tools for blowing up healers like Fists of Fury and Spear Hand Strike. Pair that up with a Shadow Priest silence and double offensive dispel and you’ve got quite a dangerous setup! This is the commentary version of this game where I explain how the match went down after the fact. Check out my Live Streams Here: Support me and my new sponsor!! Twitter: Want to help the channel grow? Help me out and click “Like” and share with friends/guildies! Be sure to pin my channel on your Homepage if you don’t want to miss a video! Facebook Page:

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5 Responses to “Windwalker Monk Healer Swaps are Crazy! – Commentary Version (WoW 3v3 Arena PvP Gameplay/Commentary)”

  1. Háiku Outland says:

    Why did they removed imp hamstring from warriors and give it to monks :<

  2. irishfriend111 says:

    what does kfc stand for?

  3. Háiku Outland says:


  4. Háiku Outland says:

    Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  5. ZybakTV says:

    don’t even get me started lol 😛

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