World of Warcraft 5.0.4: How to pvp as a retribution paladin in patch 5.0.4 (85) Guide

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11 Responses to “World of Warcraft 5.0.4: How to pvp as a retribution paladin in patch 5.0.4 (85) Guide”

  1. andaull says:

    oh yeah i like the build i have man!:)

  2. veluk88 says:

    It’s still good since you get insta FoL, but second benefint only applies when healing others. So You can have one let’s say 25k heal every 18sec (3x judgement for 3 stacks) or quite good shield every 1.5 from sacred shield. Eternal flame replaces WoG and is only little better.
    People sometimes miss this little things and some think that with selfless healer they get powerful selfheal :) But if you understand you may prefer this talent, it’s all about playstyle.

  3. andaull says:

    eah i umderstand i heal others for the dmaage benefit its what i normally do!:)

  4. SentryWoW says:

    CLC Ret?

  5. andaull says:

    so your saying selfless healer really isent that good?

  6. andaull says:

    i knew it i dont know what its called though.

  7. KaldwellWoW says:

    Guess, I got to make a video to show you how it’s REALLY done ;D I found this build interesting though. Might give it a shot, I just didnt choose Clemency or Divine Purpose.

  8. veluk88 says:

    Read description on “Selfless healer” again and think if u really need it :) Name of the skill tells everything actually. 3 holy power = inquisition.. then do rest of the rotation. Most of the time you just spam generating skills even above 5hp, templars verdict more.

  9. WoWSmirv says:

    I know how you play a ret pally, you place your face on the keyboard, then proceed to roll face back and forth.

  10. killerstarcraft2 says:

    andaull did you know that is a addon that tell you what button to press next as a pala for the best rotachien(ot whatever is`T called)

  11. andaull says:


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