World of Warcraft – AOE Gold Making Guide 5.0.4

Welcome Smokey to Ace! Today he brings you his first video for AGTV and decided to start it off with a bang – a nice little AOE gold farming guide. Let us know what you think in the comments below of both this guide and our newest director! Director’s Personal Channel: The AceGamesTV Livestream Were you can find a dedicated bunch of streamers bringing you content as close to 24/7 as possible! Apply to be a Director for AGTV! – Follow us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

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20 Responses to “World of Warcraft – AOE Gold Making Guide 5.0.4”

  1. makota100 says:

    Good for me there isnt many people watching your videos so i get it allll (blood dk tank)

  2. ElbarethHunter says:

    A tip to those trying to farm this spot, with the opening of xrealms you may have a ton of competition so pick odd hours of the day to avoid other people :)

  3. GozzyW says:

    Hunters can easily farm this spot, using the bear spirit beast and glyph of misdirect farming is easy for hunters

  4. DarkChely says:

    did this as a prot war whit potion of treasure finding, in less than 10 mins got over 100 emberslik cloth some elementiun and piryte ore over 100g and forgot the rest :p

  5. B0B10239 says:

    you are one of my all time favirote commentators

  6. TheIzyyofspirestone says:

    BOOMKIN !!

  7. jeffzaccaro says:

    Nice vid. Best AOE farming class is SPriest BTW, Mind Sear + Bubble + Heals, left that off your list :) I am going to try this today.

  8. MOSpr0ductz says:

    Farmed here for about 10 minutes, made around 25g… Not worth it, at least not without a Potion of Treasure Finding.

  9. acegamestv says:

    You could always do it, but now with AOE looting, it has been reivigorated. The mobs used to spawn/despawn so quick you would some times miss some of the loot. Now all that is gone out the window, making this one of the best farming spots in wow atm.

  10. triaverano says:

    Hobbs already made a video on this a long time ago, never tried it i thought with him bringing it out it would get nerved but appearently its still going strong, good video anyways!

  11. triaverano says:


  12. MissionaryMan says:

    Using any spirit beast as you can change their talents :)

  13. MrAlexanderYost says:

    What is the addon that put’s the rare spawn locations on your map?

  14. TheNezzieDog says:

    no, the mobs have the same spawn time as before, and the only need thing is AOE looting, its not ‘awesome’ its old, even know you straight this you are still making this video? everyone knows about this and knows about AOE looting, could have came up with something more unique in my opinion.

  15. acegamestv says:

    I can’t really understand what the point you are trying to make is, but I didn’t make the video. Regardless, I used this trick pre- looting, and post looting and it is significantly more profitable now. As I mentioned, the mobs used to despawn before you could loot them all comfortably, as they continue to spawn on top of you. Now with one click you can loot all 30+ and never have to worry. Must easier now than it was, hence the video.

  16. winkferd says:


  17. Ferrinflame says:

    Awesome vid Smokey and welcome to Ace! Might I suggest trying this with a Treasure Finding Potion? With the number of mobs you’re killing the number of loot chests should be much higher than other areas.

  18. MrRetro93 says:

    but not going to lie, but this is old

  19. MrAlexanderYost says:

    I have that but how do I make them pop up on the Map?

  20. MissionaryMan says:

    Pop feign death ffs

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