World of Warcraft: Elegon 10 Man Normal – Mogu’shan Vaults (Tank PoV)

My guild killing Elegon :D, hope you enjoy the video. This video is not meant to be a guide as such but you can use the strats we use if need be. This video is intended to be for entertainment purposes :D, so stay tuned if you like watching a overweight lumbering Guardian Druid kill bosses :P. Our Composition: Guardian Druid Blood DK Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk Retribution Paladin Enhancement Shaman Demonology Warlock Fire Mage Shadow Priest Beast Mastery Hunter My Twitter: My Facebook Fanpage: My Vlogging Channel: My Tumblr:

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2 Responses to “World of Warcraft: Elegon 10 Man Normal – Mogu’shan Vaults (Tank PoV)”

  1. jaffalips says:

    Haha mint video 😉

  2. oRyuk says:

    So glad we finally killed it :D, now I can fuck up on Will for a few weeks :S

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