world of warcraft gold guide no proffesions needed 5.0.5 (gameplay/commentary)

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5 Responses to “world of warcraft gold guide no proffesions needed 5.0.5 (gameplay/commentary)”

  1. TheWtfwow says:

    Gj bud, keep it up

  2. Tabmetoo says:

    *Cheers mate, seems really nice, gonna check it out on my prot warrior.
    Constructive feedback: Try to sort out the topic you want to talk about before hand, you mentioned the word “paladin” a lot of times, a bit more than needed if you ask me, as others said your mic is too close to your mouth, and you might want to tweak up the volume a tad (I’d astimate approx 10dB would be fitting).
    All in all, nice video, thumbs up, like, favorite and subsribed from here

  3. nickokxf says:

    run over them and LOS them its much easier

  4. Jayson Rivera-Ramos says:

    Also, windwalker monks do this pretty easily. I can pull like 20 and kill them within 10 seconds.

  5. dinnumsefisk says:

    nice video :) tip walk over the snow spot, then they jump up :) and mabye use the aoe aura :)

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