World Of Warcraft Restoration Shaman 2v2 With Lectric #1

Just a few of the 10 games we played this week with a shadow priest, we won 10-0 which was pretty good considering my gear at the moment, updates coming in the next battleground video! Want a channel shoutout?! All you have to do is check out the video below which will provide you with all the info you need to know on how to get one! Like, Favourite & Subscribe! Follow Me On Twitter: @LectricGames Music By Feint:

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5 Responses to “World Of Warcraft Restoration Shaman 2v2 With Lectric #1”

  1. Simpleles says:

    I’m not fan of WOW so i just can’t subscribe.Although i think you have nice videos and i will introduce you to some of my friends.I hope your channel to become bigger.TTTT

  2. TacticianBadger says:

    TTTT! I dont play the game, but im here to check the quality. It’s awesome! Good job, you deserve way more subscribers! Good luck on your way to the top! Put the name of the song in the description box, that would be great! You have mmy like sir!

  3. Holybash Heals says:

    TTTT Army wooot nice gaming 😀

  4. TDICool1 says:

    Nice vid man TTTT but I personaly think you should talk instead of the music :) thats only my opinion

  5. Dragan8ng says:

    TTTT!hope you get into Union for Gamers!nice vid!

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