World Of Warcraft – Sha Of Fear ” Basic Guide/Overview”

Cleared all of Terrace of Endless Spring moments after coming live in “Looking for raid” and decided to make a guide covering the basics points of the fight. Will be posting a guide for the 3 boss’s Shortly. Music – Shenlongproductions does not own any of the intellectual properties within this video and does not in any way claim it as its own for Monetization or financial purposes. We at Shenlongproductions do not condone copy right infringement in any way, shape or form. -Shenlongproduction-

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2 Responses to “World Of Warcraft – Sha Of Fear ” Basic Guide/Overview””

  1. SuperStinkyfart says:

    wow you gotta legit walk around the shields to do damage now or is just this boss?

  2. ShenlongProductions says:

    They have the ability Bulwark which means you can only deal damage to them from behind.But you have plenty of time to dps them down and run back to the area of light to avoid the AOE fear.

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