World PvP in Lions Landing 5.1 with Proxy and Sam

UPDATE: PLZ READ!!! Sry its been a few weeks since my last release, I’ve been pretty busy leveling a resto sham, and I’ve been playing my rogue a lot more recently too so I’m going to work on gearing her. However, this video is of me and a really good friend ganking in the new Lions Landing (LandFall) area. We had some fun times and I thought u guys would enjoy xD. Some of the footage is in daily areas but most is in the new zone. Also those of you sent by Kajaje, ty so much for the subs and comments, I really appreciate it and I want to thank Kajaje himself for making that amazing video, was pretty cool seeing myself in someone elses vid. So ty for that and ty for getting me up over 170 views, considering i was sitting at 8 for the longest time, that is pretty epic for me. So thanks very much! Music: Popeska – Back to the streets Krewella – Strobelights PATCH: 5.1 World of Warcraft

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5 Responses to “World PvP in Lions Landing 5.1 with Proxy and Sam”

  1. cameron mcdonald says:

    I was fighting a rouge in 2s i did 200k then 300k it was hilarious

  2. cameron mcdonald says:

    “sit the fuck dow” lol

  3. cameron mcdonald says:


  4. Sliver7744 says:

    lol xD

  5. Sliver7744 says:


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