wow 900 gold hour! Exotic leather farming Spot! Best ingame!

pretty obv place but still thought i should make a short video about it! they sold for 18g each stack and i had alot! But i still got a good profit from it 960 gold for 30- 40 mins farming without killing anything myself !

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4 Responses to “wow 900 gold hour! Exotic leather farming Spot! Best ingame!”

  1. DopecowEdit says:

    I´m pläjing on a haj populäjsion sörvör!

  2. ItsssNoVa says:

    I found this very helpful thougt i am not 90 yet =(

  3. Skyxxieewow says:

    cheers m8 u will get there!! :)

  4. Skyxxieewow says:

    cool try it out if u are a skinner !

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