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Updated for Mist of Panderia** Get Addon here: WoW GOLD GUIDE ADDON REVIEW Does it work? I’ll get straight to what you want to know. Does Tycoon really work? Yes, it absolutely works! They claim you can make 230% more gold by using Tycoon. I found this to be a conservative number. I personally used the addon for several days now and I’ve always managed to open my mailbox to over 500%-700% more gold than I normally get using the exact same strategies by myself. How Tycoon Works The idea is simple, yet incredibly powerful. Manaview took the best gold strategies in the game and made an addon that automates the difficult or most time consuming parts of the strategy. Since it’s automated, it basically means they optimized the strategy so you’re more efficient in doing it, resulting in about 5x more gold than you would normally get. The 5 current strategies included are Gathering, Grinding/Farming, Crafting, Auction House Playing, and Dailies. This is 95% of all gold making strategies used by the WoW community, so almost nothing is left out. The addon intelligently studies your server’s economy and shows you things like: – Exactly what strategy will make you the most money – What item will make you the most money based on its calculations – The best way to get that item by giving you things like, optimized gathering routes or hot farming locations. – It knows if too many people are using that strategy and will often times tells you to get an item with no competition but …

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