WoW Gold-Making! 12.7.12 Pt.3/3 Afternoon Routine by Jim Younkin

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3 Responses to “WoW Gold-Making! 12.7.12 Pt.3/3 Afternoon Routine by Jim Younkin”

  1. bitterworks says:

    keep clicking unsubscribe/subscribe on videos, no wonder i’ve been missing your videos 😛

    Can you explain selling the rarer items, like the haunted momento or 1% drop weapons? Because I got lucky and found a cheap eye of flame for 200g.

  2. bitterworks says:

    Thank you!

  3. PowerWordGold says:

    If I think something is rare I always start it very high and slowly go down in price. Check the website The Undermine Journal. If it’s not on your server look for the link on the item page to the global item page and check what it’s selling for on other servers.

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