WoW Honor Bot – 75k honor in 15 mins of AFK! Patch 3.3.5a

This is a bot which I have created, the bot farms honor while you sit back and relax. To get this bot all you have to do is Subscribe the video, commet it, like it, and send me a PM through Youtube with a message of you wanting the bot, and I’ll send the link+Instructions. This is a private WoW server named TrueWoW, x1 Blizzlike with over 1000 people online, you may find the server at or at the facebook page. If you got any questions feel free to ask, all credits goes to me for making the video/making the bot.

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5 Responses to “WoW Honor Bot – 75k honor in 15 mins of AFK! Patch 3.3.5a”

  1. Dark Linux says:

    I know, I have played on TrueWow for many years 😀

  2. Dark Linux says:

    You know they will just turn on world pvp blizz more… After killing the same character 10x you can not get honour from that character for 1 day. So it will be fixed fast…. Also its just a key/mouse press bot + DeathSoft hack… Nothing new…. Gms can also look at the logs, as tele gets flagged 😀

  3. David Mccarthy says:

    As I said this is a private server, also said that at DeathSoft, this is not a hack for retail as the security level on retail is very high, tho there are some certain things can be done to make this hack undetected

  4. Рыбалка Алексей says:

    Кому нужен рабочий бот для WOW?
    Пишите на мыло

  5. Asphyxish says:

    Very good job!

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