WoW MoP Leveling Guide ( 2 )

Doing this run WITHOUT ANY BUFFS ( No flasks , No food , No Drums of Forgotten Kings , No Runescroll of Fortitude , No Potions , No guild standard ) Using 415 Crafted Blue Gear from AH though. Preparations : – Flasks x10 – Food x40 – Intell / Agi / Str Potion x40 – Healing Potion x40 – Bandage x20 – Drums of Forgotten Kings x2 – Runescroll of Fortitude x2 – Swiftness potion x40 – Lesser Invisibility Potion x40 – Swim Speed Potion x40 – Runspeed Boot enchant – 15%, 10% and 5% Guild Standards ( Guild Standards should be used on cooldown – Bind them to your most spammable ability ) – Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth ( Helps alot aswell ) —Keybindings— Bind “Show Friendly Nameplates” and “Interact with Friendly Target”. There could be a huge amount of people that will block NPCs with their mounts. ( Was mainly needed for realm 1st ) —AddOns— NPCScan —-Macros— /click WatchFrameItem1 This macro uses quest-specific items. —-Zone progression— 1. Jade Forest (85-86) Leave Jadeforest as soon as you hit 86 2. Valley of the Four Winds , Krarasang Winds(86-87) Leave those zones & go to kun lai summit as soon as you hit 87 3. Kunlai Summit (87-88) Stay in Kun lai summit till you have progressed 15% into lvl 88 4. Townlong Steppes (88-89) You should complete all quests here except yak one , it takes 5mins ( waste of time ) then head to Dread wastes , at that time you be have 5-10% into lvl 89 5. Dread Wastes (89-90) You all do all quests here but the questing path in this zone …

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