WoW MoP Leveling Guide ( 3 )

Rare : Morgrinn Crackfang Doing this run WITHOUT ANY BUFFS ( No flasks , No food , No Drums of Forgotten Kings , No Runescroll of Fortitude , No Potions , No guild standard ) Using 415 Crafted Blue Gear from AH though. Preparations : – Flasks x10 – Food x40 – Intell / Agi / Str Potion x40 – Healing Potion x40 – Bandage x20 – Drums of Forgotten Kings x2 – Runescroll of Fortitude x2 – Swiftness potion x40 – Lesser Invisibility Potion x40 – Swim Speed Potion x40 – Runspeed Boot enchant – 15%, 10% and 5% Guild Standards ( Guild Standards should be used on cooldown – Bind them to your most spammable ability ) – Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth ( Helps alot aswell ) —Keybindings— Bind “Show Friendly Nameplates” and “Interact with Friendly Target”. There could be a huge amount of people that will block NPCs with their mounts. ( Was mainly needed for realm 1st ) —AddOns— NPCScan —-Macros— /click WatchFrameItem1 This macro uses quest-specific items. —-Zone progression— 1. Jade Forest (85-86) Leave Jadeforest as soon as you hit 86 2. Valley of the Four Winds , Krarasang Winds(86-87) Leave those zones & go to kun lai summit as soon as you hit 87 3. Kunlai Summit (87-88) Stay in Kun lai summit till you have progressed 15% into lvl 88 4. Townlong Steppes (88-89) You should complete all quests here except yak one , it takes 5mins ( waste of time ) then head to Dread wastes , at that time you be have 5-10% into lvl 89 5. Dread Wastes (89-90) You all do all …

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3 Responses to “WoW MoP Leveling Guide ( 3 )”

  1. Kallipolis7 says:

    Hey buddy, I wanted to know if I should stick with either my DK else my Warrior for BG’s and RBG’s. Can a DK do similar single target damage as a warrior or are they weak? Also can you link us your spec and maybe even message me your spam macros which you are using to lvl. It is pretty obvious you are using some nice 1 button wonders for little to no downtime. I would be great to know what your macros are.

  2. tmarzouk says:

    Sorry for the late reply , Dks will be alot better after the new pvp trinkets ( 1min cd ) , Dks are already way better for RBG dmg , control & target calling. as for the pve guides i encourage to check icy-veins(dot)com

  3. Kallipolis7 says:

    1st :)

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