WoW : MOP – Ultimate Shockadin Guide ( Patch 5.0.4 ) ( Day 68 )

Hey guys im like %99 better! Hopefully you really enjoy this guide for the shockadin I made, it’s been in the back of my brain for a while now tweaking it over and over! Any questions don’t hesitate to task in the comment down below! Want to help the channel grow? Then please like\Fav this video, and share with your friends and guildies Macro #showtoolip /cast Avenging Wrath /use 13 /cast Divine Favor Apparel Music Ephixa – Trance Chords http Stephen Walking – Birthday Cake (Electro) Intro Music 1 – Celldweller – Eon (Album Version) Outro Music 01. Feint & Boyinaband – Time Bomb (feat Veela)

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6 Responses to “WoW : MOP – Ultimate Shockadin Guide ( Patch 5.0.4 ) ( Day 68 )”

  1. cochinonava says:

    why no glyph of denounce?

  2. sattaTV says:

    Hells yeah I do! 5:30am and I can now goto sleep! Hope you enjoyed the video man!

  3. GeekD0wn says:

    I know the whole thing is ideal, but why not holy avenger ? Are you focusing more on the burst aspect of shockadin ? I will practice this rotation though since I feel like mine isn’t coming together.

  4. escafallen says:

    Just because you love comments

  5. Robert Hellström says:

    I love the vids mate! =D keep em comming =D

  6. escafallen says:

    yeah im having tons of fun on my shockadin aswell :-)

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