WoW Mutilate Rogue PvP! World PvP Montage! Assassination! Patch 5.1

Hey! QUESTION: What Transmog gear should I use? In this video you’ll see some Word PvP clips! I ganked these in Krasarang Wilds in pandaria. Really nice place for WPvP! I hope you enjoy! Music: Traktion – The Near Distant Future (Klrx Remix)

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5 Responses to “WoW Mutilate Rogue PvP! World PvP Montage! Assassination! Patch 5.1”

  1. Sam O says:

    Nice video.

  2. gzkyg34 says:

    hi,ım thinking to roll a roguee for while,but ı see in your videos youar enemys have 370k-380k health while u have 459k,rogue dmg always like that or because of u have better gear?

  3. Onslaughtgamings says:

    What is the name on the combat text addon you have?

  4. Rogue0602 says:

    you should use the AQ40 set that you have not many people have that

  5. MrJohnny199 says:

    Awesome video, please make more of this 😀

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