WoW Patch 5.0.4 – Addon Guide And Useful PvP Addons

FOLLOW ME! ADDONS: Atlas Loot, Bagnon, Miks Scrolling Battletext, Move Anything, OmniCC, Tidyplates, Interrupt Bar, Afflicted3, Gladius. (All can be found on This is a guide to the addons I use in PvP and the useful addons to have in 5.0.4, If you have any questions on any of the addons or want me to cover any indepth – please leave in the comments:) “addon guide” “wow patch 5.0.4” “patch 5.0.4” “wow patch 5.0.4 addons guide” “patch 5.0.4 addons guide” “5.0.4 addons” “5.0.4 addons guide” “how to set up addons for pvp” “good pvp addons” “interrupt bar” “afflicted 3” “afflicted 3 setup” “how to do a good ui for pvp” “pvp ui” “pvp addons” “gladius” “tidyplates” “addons for pvp” “pvp addons 5.0.4” “world of warcraft addons” “world of warcraft pvp addons” “how to set up a good ui” “good uis” “wow addon setup” “pvp addon set up” “how to set up an addon” “addon setup”

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9 Responses to “WoW Patch 5.0.4 – Addon Guide And Useful PvP Addons”

  1. GotEmBuzzing says:

    Is it really? I don’t know since theres no arenas now and wargames are zzz playing the smae comps

  2. The3litegam3rs says:

    first and nice vid

  3. viktorh94 says:

    Well done, I’ll keep subscribe this channel! :)

  4. mman12 says:

    Peeps… debating to come back to WoW. Was gone 6 months. Took down all the content and don’t understand how you guys can raid the same shit every damn week. Anyways. My 400+ IL chars were DK & Sham. I’d like to come back to a good class post patch that is a strong tank and great in BG PvP. I’m willing to bust out my War, Pal or Druid too. Let me know what class you guys think great post patch that would fit me! Thanks!

  5. GotEmBuzzing says:

    yeah, i only used that as an example but you cant move cast bars etc with default, like the one on my focus

  6. GotEmBuzzing says:

    <3 Thank you :D

  7. craigeboy70 says:

    you can move all player frames with blizz default been like tht a long time tbh , move anything not needed for tht anymore , for others tht also might not know tht

  8. GotEmBuzzing says:

    That means so much! :D

  9. OMGQtpriest says:

    gladius is broken btw

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