WoW – Power level a guild 1-25 – Patch 5.0.4 MoP

WoW Patch 5.0.4 MOP – Power Level a Guild 1-25 Warcraft Video.
PLEASE READ THESE WOW PATCH 5.0.4 NOTES CAREFULLY. INCLUDING PRO TIPS. By Pro tips I mean no need for WOW scripts or macros. The Warcraft Location is: Elwynn Forest – South Maclure Vineyards.
PRO Tips: Download the WOW add-on “Completer” here and Fix a keybind for “Interact with Target” in order to spam 1 button.
Don’t forget to send over some Gold to buy water NPC:
Gerard Tiller (repeatable quest) Joshua Maclure, south of Gerard (for water) Requirements: Alliance Low level character (Best guess Lvl 1-6) Refreshing Spring water A lot of bags (optional) Friends! Spam that EXP like a boss Gains: Since MoP removed EXP cap on levelling guilds and MAJORLY increased EXP gain for lower levels, spamming this repeatable WOW quest gets you to level 25 within 4hours. Recorded using Fraps Edited using Sony Vegas Pro. Cool – Get to level 25 on Warcraft within 25 hour – Can’t be bad…

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4 Responses to “WoW – Power level a guild 1-25 – Patch 5.0.4 MoP”

  1. volante0 says:

    You retard. Delete your names before uploading anything.. duh.. also, chatting while exploiting? You must be a genius.

  2. Luis Santos says:

    Dunno if this is clever use of game mechanics or exploiting, or exploiting. Dont think its fair to blame ppl for blizz mistakes tough, so nice one :)

  3. KrinkinOnline says:

    Nice video

  4. admin says:

    WOW levelling a guild from 1-25 in 4 Hours is one of our busier recent videos so Enjoy this great WOW video.
    We have plenty more power levelling guides on Warcraft Videos along with great info on the latest 5.0.4 patch so please enjoy.

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