WoW Ret Paladin PvP Guide – Patch 5.0.4 [HD] A quick guide going over the changes to Ret pvp in this new patch. I’ll show and explain to you, your options when specing and glyping your ret paladin for pvp. I go over talents, glyphs, and stat priority. Get ready for MoP!

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7 Responses to “WoW Ret Paladin PvP Guide – Patch 5.0.4 [HD]”

  1. WandShadow says:

    Wow you are Back :O

  2. DMachine52 says:

    That I am my friend =]

  3. WandShadow says:

    So you can use Holy Avenger and Wings at the same time??? so its 30% dmg and heal + 20% that means 50% more dmg and heal??? please tell me if it stacks or not. Thanks 😀

  4. Highwayman56 says:


  5. DMachine52 says:

    Yes they do stack, but to be honest its not best used together.. when them both up you need to be using hammer of wrath, crusader striking for the 3 holy power, then Templar verdict. Too many ability’s too little time, doesn’t mean i dont pop them both. exploding people with them both in duels is so fun.

  6. WandShadow says:

    well ya i know but i think we gonna see more videos about paladin doing a huge crit :) its fun tho

  7. Rikardny says:

    Fist of Justice doubles the range on Hammer of Justice as well. Take it into consideration.

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