WoW [Rogue leveling] – Episode 78: Valgarde Village

World of warcraft leveling a rogue – episode 78. (Howling Fjord quest zone) Facebook: Google+: Twitter:

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5 Responses to “WoW [Rogue leveling] – Episode 78: Valgarde Village”

  1. Emada69 says:

    Man I know back during Wrath of the Lich King when I was leveling my main to 80, I was so broke I only had 150% flight speed I sucked I felt a little better being a Paladin good old Crusaders Aura.

  2. GamingTrip says:

    Thanks for the tip, need to check AH for what kind price they sell. I currently have shortage of gold. Cannot even learn fastest flying skill, because it costs 4k gold xD

  3. GamingTrip says:

    Well my channel is growing at steady rate. Views and viewers gonna increase with time. So it’s fine :)

  4. GamingTrip says:

    Thanks mate :)

  5. ScenicHulk says:


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