wow warrior pvp guide 5.0.3

Showing, and talking abit about how to specc for both ARMS AND FURY PVP

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7 Responses to “wow warrior pvp guide 5.0.3”

  1. Thewowmist says:

    rofl, so what do you prefer to specc haha ffs you don’t specc anything else except maybe shockwave-storm, currently there is no arena so no req to specc distrupting shout, so cut the bullshit

  2. tigolebittie says:

    my question is, why dragon roar instead of shockwave? my talents are currently the same as yours instead of dragon roar i have shockwave, and its very usefull. Is it because dragon roar had that extra crit damage?

  3. MaystiPvP says:

    that spec for fury and arms suck for pvp
    it’s what i say

  4. xaxel929x says:

    Nice vid, one question though. Why get glyph of hindering strikes when we have piercing howl and hamstring already?

  5. Thewowmist says:

    And you could might change the charge specc if you prefer that over 2x charge but that’s all about playstyle.

  6. xaxel929x says:

    Also, please make that warrior video 😀

  7. Thewowmist says:

    Hey! Well, for two reasons actually first of all, when you are on the target after 15sec of piercing howl you don’t need to reset it asap considering that you have heroic strike pretty much doing it for you, but if you are getting kited heroic strike isn’t as effective and then you should go for howl.

    Secondly this saves you some rage, nothing major but still and there is no glyph currently in my opinion who is worth replacing it, but ofc it’s all about how you use your slow! :)

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