★ World of Warcraft- How To Keybind Effectively + Macro

This is a video on how to key bind in World of Warcraft. Keybinding in world of Warcraft is very benneficial and helps out a ton. If you want to get high rated in Arenas, or Rated Battlegrounds on the Video Game World of Warcraft I would recommend keybinding your spells. Keybinding is very important in the video game World of Warcraft. My MACRO: /cast Divine Plea /cast Divine Favor /cast Avenging Wrath /Use Dreadful Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance /Use Deadful Gladiator’s Emblem of Meditation /Cast Guardian of Ancient Kings

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5 Responses to “★ World of Warcraft- How To Keybind Effectively + Macro”

  1. OculusGamer says:

    Sarcasm, my worst enemy :b

  2. OculusGamer says:

    That will be on another video, this was just a guide on how to keybind, not what spells to keybind to what button 😀

  3. meh121 says:

    fair enough, but just couple of suggestions, some people use bartender and thats much easier to use to keybind seeing as you just have to hover over the keys and press combination so you might want to put that in the vid, also popular keybind choices, modifiers just feel like you covered the most basic form which is just go here and do that.

  4. meh121 says:

    even if you didnt write the no* in there its still comes off as a fantastically sarcastic sentence HA!

  5. OculusGamer says:

    That’s also fair lol, and yeah I didn’t know that about Bartender as I don’t like bar mods but I could incorporate that info into another guide or something like that. Thanks for the feedback btw!

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