10 Cool Two-Handed Swords & Location Guide (World of Warcraft)

This is a World of Warcraft showcase/tutorial on how to obtain a series of two-handed swords for transmogrification on your characters. I recorded this content back in cataclysm so no MoP weapons are included, if you want me to make a new video similar to this including MoP weapons drop a comment, if it gets a lot of likes I will make one for you. Weapons are displayed in no particular order. Don’t worry future transmog episodes will include MoP weapons, only this video and the next will be pre MoP. Music by Kevin Macleod: incompetech.com

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5 Responses to “10 Cool Two-Handed Swords & Location Guide (World of Warcraft)”

  1. RukusWoW says:


  2. iArskaaaa says:

    Love the guides! And the audio… cant describe how awesome! Keep using this kind of stuff! :)

  3. Iceychin says:

    You put alot of effort in making these guides, i love it! Keep making them :)

  4. rasmus torp says:

    Making more guides

  5. Jessiehealz says:

    Just for you, I will do shields in 2 videos time 😉

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